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Simply Chocolate

A simple decadent chocolate cupcake


A chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow. Topped with marshmallow buttercream, graham cracker, chocolate drizzle & marshmallows!


A chocolate cupcake baked with toffee bits. Topped with chocolate buttercream, caramel drizzle and skor bits on top

Mars Attack

A chocolate cupcake filled with dulce de leche. Topped with dulce de leche, chocolate buttercream icing and a piece of mars bar on top.

Chocolate Caramel

A chocolate cupcake filled with caramel. Topped with chocolate icing, caramel drizzle and a chocolate caramel ball on top.

Chocolate P'nut Butter

A chocolate cupcake filled with p’nut butter filling. Topped with a p’nut butter buttercream icing.

Strawberry Cheese

A vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry filling. Topped with cream cheese icing. Also available with peach or blueberry filling.

Chocolate Fudge Sundae

A chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate fudge. Topped with vanilla buttercream icing, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Simply Vanilla

A simple, decadent vanilla cupcake. Topped with vanilla buttercream.

Toffee Crunch

A vanilla cupcake baked with toffee pieces. Topped with a vanilla buttercream icing filled with toffee pieces, a caramel drizzle and more toffee pieces on top.

Black Forest

A chocolate cupcake filled with cherry filling. Topped with whipping cream, more cherry filling and chocolate shavings.

Boston Cream

A vanilla cupcake filled with custard. Topped with fudge buttercream.

Lemon Raspberry

A lemon cupcake filled with lemon. Topped with lemon buttercream icing.

Raspberry Coconut

A coconut cupcake filled with raspberry fill. Topped with coconut buttercream icing and more raspberry on top.

Lime Margarita

A lime cupcake baked with tequila. Topped with a lime buttercream icing and coarse salt.

Maple Bacon

A maple and bacon cupcake. Topped with maple buttercream icing topped with bacon pieces.

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